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The Early Years
Being one of 6 children, growing up In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Wilfred became interested and intrigued by music...especially the guitar. A local interior decorator, Mr. John Schribner played acoustic and electric guitars that Wilfred would see while delivering newspapers on his daily route. Taking great interest in his playing, Schribner began showing Wilfred how to play and gave him his first guitar!

A few years passed while learning how to play, when a local producer took interest in Wilfred and started teaching him all the ways of the recording studio. Tommy McGee of The TMG's showed Wilfred the formulas and foundation for making records and proper multi-track recording, and Lee Cadena for adding musical direction, inspiration and exploration.

Mid-stream: Joining Bands
Joining Wilfred's first band Was like a first crush...exciting. In the YoungBlood Band, Wilfred thought he had what it took, but Ray Townsend showed up to be the Man! While being phased out of the group, it gave Wilfred motivation to really learn his craft...something he ultimately did, joining the group, Rainbow Funk proved to be ground-breaking. Debuting at the Hideaway Bar at the tender, young age of 14-15, Wilfred and the band had regular shows, and proved to be a door-opener to a flood of bands to come: Electric Sounds of Soul, Pazzazz, Capone, Mellow Decision, J-Shades, Creation, Dreadnaught, leading all the way up to joining Hall of Fame group, Kidd Blast & the Task Force.

While touring and pursuing record deals, opportunities began to emerge. Becoming an accomplished writer and artist was the gateway to success! Recording with Mellow Decisions in Muskegon Michigan, Wilfred found himself opening concerts for the likes of The Mighty Whispers and The Dazz Band!

Wilfred was guitarist for The Dreadnaught Band with lead vocalist Londery Hughes, seeking out production deals and meeting Ireane Perkins of MCA Records. This aligned Wilfred with solid Detroit connections. Meeting Katrina Wright while recording at Grammy-winning producer, Bernard Terry's studio, she instantly offered Wilfred a position in a RAP BAND??? The fit proved to be perfect from day one. Meeting the band for the first time in the studio, lead vocalist MC Steven Metcalf ("Blast") asked Wilfred to drop a Track! The collaboration ended up with Wilfred laying down the bass line and guitars to the song at the first session. Following that encounter, Wilfred and Metcalf began writing song after song!

NENJA - Today and Beyond

After the last 25+ years of owing his own recording studio, Wilfred released his debut album, “It Could Happen” to critical acclaim in 2000. Turn the page to 2016 and Wilfred released a preview EP containing two tracks, “Is This What Love Is?” prior to the release his sophomore album, “In This Life.” This album has enjoyed radio play worldwide. Wilfred is a bona fide chart-topper, reaching #1 on Indie Jazz Charts for November 3, 2019!

From his earliest and humblest of beginnings through present-day life, all while perfecting his craft, God saw fit to let Wilfred become the seasoned recording artist, producer and recording engineer that he is today.

Wilfred and Rainbow Funk
Kidd Blast & the Task Force
Grammy® Award-winning producer Bernard Terry, working with Wilfred at Studio - Area51
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